Eating for Increased Creatinine Levels

Eating for Increased Creatinine Levels

Eating for Increased Creatinine Levels

Eating for Increased Creatinine Levels- you have all been following me on this rollercroaster ride of getting healthy.  I appreciate your support and following.  I do have to state that I am not medically trained, not a professional and not a dietician.  However, I have life experience and what works for me yet may not be the answer for you.  I am working hard to find the perfect blend of a diet to increase my health, improve weight loss and help me to increase my longevity.

I can share this!  Don’t give up!  Learn to trust what your body is telling you,  what your mind knows is right for you and arm yourself with reliable sources like: your doctor, dietician, reliable internet sources like Livingstrong Magazine, Dr. Axe  , The Paleo Mom etc.

Whole Grain Diet

Approximately 30 years ago when the whole grain diet was big and health food store opened near me, I jumped on this diet trend.  I ate all whole grains, bought special sugars like brown rice syrup, barley syrup etc.  It wasn’t long and I had collapsed at my parents house.  Only to find out that I had celiac diease.  Ok, no whole grains for me.

Increased Cardio Exercise

Years later, still struggling to lose weight and feel healthy I began biking and exercising.  I ate whole foods and was feeling great! Losing a little bit of weight but not steady for how I was eating.  In a bit I will get to why this may not have been right for me.  In the recent years I have spent 90 minutes 5 days a week at the gym working with weights and heavy cardio.  This week I will share how this hasn’t been helping my body and my internal organs.  The best exercise for someone like me is walking and yoga.  This is what I will be trying in the upcoming weeks.

Protein Fast

Then I found an endochronologist and dietician that 3 different times put me on a protein fast.  These protein fasts are great for a quick boost and instant gratification of weight loss.  However, I was on this way to long for my body. It was not balanced for my body in protein, fats, vegetables and fruit.

More and More Testing

I have recently been going through multiple tests to see what is happening.

IgG, IgA testing to understanding what is causing inflammation and mucous.  I have now removed 43 foods that are the culprit.  See the picture here.

Results of Food Sensitivity Testing

I had a lipid test done.  To which 2 doctors said they are amazed at how beyond perfect these results are.  Yay!

My thyroid testing for T3 and T4 so near the edge of the spectrum.  They consider that in range but its like that last number on the range.  So when I discuss this with friends suffering from thyroid issues they say they were there too.  And then when it became below or above the intervention was put in place.

Now here is the most recent test.  I did a 24 hour urine analysis.  The cortisol came back in range but my creatinine was 2070 and the range is 800-1800.  This to me raised a red flag.  I gave my results to a friend that is a doc.  His suggestion was to go to my MD and possibly see a urologist.

I’ve been a bit apprehensive about this.  I have believed and trusted so many professionals and just haven’t found the right one to work with me.

Immediately, I was online looking up high levels if creatinine and what it affects.  KIDNEYS!!! And what can possible cause this increased level?  HIGH PROTEIN DIET!  Could this be?  When I thought I was doing the right thing for my body.

Ok-so maybe I need to research more.  Right now without professional advice (which I highly DO NOT recommend, please contact your doctor if you have any health concerns).  But until I interview and find the specific doctor for me, right now I will be trusting my gut.

Over these next several weeks you are going to see some slight changes in my diet.  I am lowering my protein intake, upping my vegetable intake and eating small amounts of approved fruits (blueberries is about all I can tolerate).  I have also added a probiotic and a food enzyme that I take with each meal.  I am also attempting to go to bed early.  I read something with THE PALEO MOM, that if you are not getting enough sleep that can prevent weight loss.

Let’s see how this goes! Thank you again for being on this journey with me.  I can not express to you how important it is to find a doctor willing to listen to you and stick with them.  It is also important to keep an open mind to what they have to share with you.

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