Change of Plans – My Journey Continues After My IgG and IgA Results

Change of Plans – My Journey Continues After My IgG and IgA Results

Most of you that have been following me know that I have several autoimmune issues going on.  For those of you who don’t here is the quick run down: celiac, PCOS, endometriosis, diverticulitis, metabolic syndrome…  I feel like this list goes on forever.

Recently, I have been gifted the opportunity to dig deeper into my autoimmune issues.  Mainly because I eat a paleo diet and most days consume 800 calories.  If I go over that I will gain weight.  So here are the items that have been out of my diet for a long time (meaning years): wheat, oats, barely, rye, and all refined sugar.  And on again and off again I have removed dairy.

Here is where the changes start happening.  I had an IgG and IgA test run recently.  And for the time being have been told to remove 43 different foods from my daily eating!!!! What? Seriously!  Below is that list:

Results of Food Sensitivity Testing

And here is where the 4 day rotation begins once I take these items out.  What is a 4 day rotation? Well, if I eat chicken today on Thursday then I can’t eat it again until Monday.  If I use garlic on Thursday then I can’t have it till Monday.  Anything I have today I can’t have for FOUR DAYS!  This includes my favorite treat of a LaCroix everyday.

Did I wallow in self-pity? YES! Did I cry my eyes out? YES!!!! Did I get a pint if vegan ice cream before I made the 4 day rotation commitment? YES!

Why am I sharing something so personal?  I believe that things happen for a reason.  I come from a family that loves food! There were and are many of us that work in the food industry on both sides of the family.  I went to culinary school.  Now I stay home and create recipes for my family to fulfill their dietary needs and my own dietary needs.

This story is going to take a few days to get through.  For today, I have provided a link to explain both the IgG and IgA test that was done.  If you are concerned of any autoimmune issues or suffer from any of the symptoms I listed above.  Please contact you doctor and ask them to help you.

Come back tomorrow and share part 2 of my story.  Which will include the information about my thyroid inactivity and estrogen level (which is that of a young girl between the ages of 1 and 10).

Further testing is being done.  This is going to be a slow process.   I have struggled with this all of my life, and now it is time to take control.   First by starting to build my team of trusted doctors that have my best interest at hand.

For now know that if you are suffering from the inability to lose weight, gastrointestinal issues, joint pain, brain fog, physical and mental exhaustion, this list is long, you are not alone.   There are answers.  My first piece of advice is find a doctor that will listen and work with you.  You deserve to get the answers.  My second piece of advice is get yourself a journey.  Document all of the food you eat daily and how you feel after eating each meal.

Until tomorrow, have a beautiful day and thank you again for visiting.